Mouse cursor bug

I dont know why, but sometimes when i play chicken invaders universe, my cursor totally dissapears and i have to alt tab to get it back, anyone else gettin this bug or just me? Also its getting quite annoying having to press alt tab every time, i dont know if its bug or not. I thinkits because i go to do something and my laptop screen goes black,and when i move my mouse to turn it back on, my cursor dissapears

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Just tried on my PC. Same result, mouse pointer disappears after screen entering sleep mode.

Yeah, i don’t know what’s up with it, maybe it’s only on 32 bit versions? Do you have a 64 bit?

I just noticed this today, too. It’s a side-effect of this fix:

Will investigate and fix.


My windows is 64 bit, the game only exists as 32 bit and probably will be kept this way. I assume it’s related to losing focus.

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Fixed in v.64 :medal_sports: Bug


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