Mounts Screen

It’s so confusing when selling things and it says “All available unit is in use” and you need to select a random mission to take it out. Some new players don’t know how to take it out and sell it, and the way mentioned above is not that logicial. What about adding a mounts screen for mounting and unmounting things?

It will be the same with mission mounting screen but there’s no fly mission button


So don’t need to mount before flying mission, just go there to mount?


Just an extra mount screen for people don’t know how to unmount to sell items

you are thinking of something useful and helpful.
that’s right.

Hmm …, very good, but do they know?

sometimes, they don’t.
so this is cool and it’s useful for me also.

I think it needs something to remind them

But these have “don’t remind me again” checkbox, so this screen is better.

Thank you for thinking about newcomers, but I’m afraid they don’t they don’t know. In short, I welcome this idea,just a little bit more …

It will say “All avaible units is in use, do you want to go to Mounts? (Click button again to continue)”

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I support it

Added to v.39
:medal_sports: Idea


Congrats, you had another medal this week

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