Mother hen ship

So I was fighting the mother hen ship in CIU Thanksgiving Edition and noticed that the pool is not orange like it is on CI4 Thanksgiving Edition. Can IA fix that on the next version, please?

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Pool? You mean the egg-shaped liquid that’s inside the giant Thanksgiving egg?

Wait… is that what he really means? xd

It called “albumen”.


It called shell. If you mean that thing inside shell then its a yolk. Like in yolk star.

Change the topic category to ciu development because iA won’t check it if its ideas

Only yolk?

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Yes,then what you see inside mother hen ship or when you destory shell of yolk star.

Surely I won’t have to remind you what is called “yolk”?

The yolk is yellow,and i dont know the albumen

or egg white
Like common sense

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Yes. Thank you, @Pans.

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