Moron Railgun Skills

Note: This is the part of my weapon thread which you can found it here at: About Weapon Levels - #4 by MaybeOrandzaIdk
Anyways, Let’s talk about Moron Railgun. We all know Moron Railgun, noob’s basic staring weapon and also a weapon for pros to test out on superstar hero difficulty. However, the fact that moron railgun is just a weaker and less reliable version of boron railgun make this weapon really get undershadowed. So here what I giving the skill of this weapon: Moron’s Bounce

What this does is that when this weapon is lv 0: It will bounce to 2 chicken after hitting one when pressing space. The skill will run for 10 seconds and during those 10 seconds, your moron railgun will bounce from chicken to chicken until it runs out. The bounce will reduce your damage by 15% when it hit the second chicken. The skill will have a 15 seconds cooldown after the internal use is finished. Upgrading the weapons level not only increasing the weapon basic damage but they also let you bounce more chickens while keeping some high damage to make 15% less damage penalty less bad on the first bounce (except it will still have damage reduced 2% further after the first bounce). Here is the level corresponding to the weapon itself:
Lv 0: base level of the weapon level: 2 bounces
Lv 1: Requires 2000 exp
Lv 2: Requires 8000 exp
Lv 3: Requires 17500 exp
These 3 levels will increase the base damage, the bounce damage and as well increase the bounce up to 3 times.
Lv 4: Requires 50000 exp
Lv 5: Requires 120000 exp
Lv 6: Requires 275000 exp
Lv 7: Requires 600000 exp
These next 4 level will have same as above. Increase weapon damage, bounce damage and bounce chance to 4 times
Lv 8: Requires 1125000 exp
Lv 9: Requires 2500000 exp
Lv 10: Requires 7500000 exp
These 3 last levels will increase weapon damage, bounce damage and increase bounce chance to 5 times.
Mastery (1000 keys): Gain 1.2x damage and as well increase the bounce chance to 8 bounces (reduced damage to bounces still apply)

Bounce will not apply to Bosses.
Bounce work best if the chicken are near each other. Spaced out chicken will make the bounce less accurate and miss more often.
Bounces can be wasted if you shoot at bubbled chickens. Recommend do not do that.

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This is literally the whole point of moron railgun - to serve as a starter weapon and encourage you to get something else. Even the weapon’s description states this clearly.


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