More Wave Ideas

Boredom made think more of this waves, only 3 to introduce:

  1. Zigzag Approach

4 Chicken Groups move in Zigzag Lines, 1 from up, 1 from down, 1 from and 1 from right. when they reach the end of the screen they will reflect back to where they came from and they will continue to do this process until they are killed, a safe zone and four anomalies are located in the middle.

  1. Chicken Illusion.

Chickens WIll be introduced in eggular shape. and they move like how the Magentic Manipulator Circle Asteroids attack moves. and they will travel to the end of the other screen. another 2 groups will be introduced on the screen once the first 2 reach their destination.

  1. Chicken Lockdown.

Basically the chickens here works like lockdown doors where they are used to close pathes and make them a dead end like this one.
Lockdown_Door_Render (1)

So here is the formation:

after 5 seconds of colliding with the bottom part of the screen , the chickens will rise back up again.

so this is all for now, hope you all have a good day.


would be even more destructive if they have barriers as ends

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Yeah well… I am not very creative so expect mistakes.

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its ok its just some extra detail

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Is that from Baldis Basics (game I know because of Travis)?


Yeah that test procedures is from that stupid math teacher. (Baldi’s Basics plus)

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travis who

Its something that you do not want to know about

ohhh yeah guy who exposed me for being trash at fps games

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