More Power levels in Ciu

CIU is a crossover of all CI games, with a great variety of everything (not droid misions as they seem to be completly ignored), But one thing, that is my fav feature of the game:
More Firepower levels
In the last CI episodes, there are only 11 power levels?

Instead of sayin’ “just add power lvls from 11 to 19”, i have a better idea.
We got lvl 1 to 10 and 20 but i can add 4 more without making big difference to the lvl system (appart from firepower drop rates)Note: lvl 20 are not changed

i will say the lvls of lighting fryer, ion blaster and Positron stream

At lv 15

Positron will fire 1 beam like lv 20 but lil’ bit smaller
Ion blaster will fire 2 big ions and the other 8 in the wide area
Lighting fryer will fire 3 small lightings

At lv 25

Positron will fire 3 small beams in an wide area
Ion wil fire 5 big ions and 4 small in the same area
Fryer will fire 4 small lightings

At lv 30

Positron will fire 3 medium beams
Ion will not change(not everything must change)
Fryer will fire 4 big lightings

At lv 40

Positron will fire 3 Chonky beams
Ion will fire all 9 big ions
Lighting fryer fires all 5 big lightings

If you want to add lv 50 with cool attack patterns, you can, but IA never adds a 5th thing
(like uco and crab)

  • Bad idea // I prefer 11 power-ups
  • Meh idea // Could be done better
  • Good idea // This could actually be implemented

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I guess post your lv 15/25/30/40 of a weapon i guess…

sound like pay to win game

After a bit of math, it looks like fp15 ion is weaker than fp10. Fp25 ion is also weaker than fp20 ions, and een fp10 ones. So you’re upgrading your weapon and getting less damage for it. And since you decided that ions should not have fp30, you’re stuck with a downgraded weapon until you reach fp40.
Big and small projectile for positron and lightning tells us nothing, so I can’t check those.
Overall, I’m against this idea. For one, it would screw over the balance of the game heavily. And it’s also an indirect nerf to the bomber spacecraft.
Edit: Maybe if everything was properly balanced, then yes, this would be a decent idea.
I did some more math tho, and turns out even fp40 ions would be weaker than fp20 by several hundreds of damage.


so at lv 15 firing 2 big ions and 8 normal ions is weaker than firing 1 big ion and 8 small ions(?)
Each lv of ion blaster upgrades the normal ions to big ions, so i dont see how its weaker
Bombers would need a rework if this is implemented

what is pay to win here?

:zap:10 : 3425 (10x300 + 1x425)
your proposed :zap:15: 3250 (8x300 + 2x425)
:zap:20: 4275 (10x300 + 3x425)
your proposed :zap:25: 3325 (4x300 + 5x425)
your proposed :zap:40: 3825 (9x425)

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There are only big ions and regular ions. I don’t know where you’re getting small ions from.
Also, fp10 has 10 regular ions+1 big ion. Not 8. So does fp20, except with 3 big ions rather than 1.

Yup. And that’s why it’s an issue. Balancing is already a pain with the current power levels.

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