More freedom in Mission Config customization

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about an idea to improve the customization of Mission Config (music/backgrounds).
Depending on the mission type and/or length (as in number of stages), players could pick up to 4 different wave music tracks, up to 2 tracks for bosses in Boss Rush missions (with wave music hidden there) and, if anyone would like that, maybe up to 3 different backgrounds for a mission.
If such a feature made it into a future build, a choice whether the music and backgrounds should change in order of selection or randomly could be given as a switch in the Mission Config menu.


This is not a bad idea. I have also thought about this feature but never suggested it (cause there are more pressing that need attention right now like adding more waves )


New waves are always welcome, but they’re not that much fun if you keep hearing the same music in every stage over and over and over again.


Man, you make a great point. Can’t argue with that. :wink:


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