More firepower levels

Hi everybody,

While playing a mission, in Chicken Invaders 4, I am reaching high firepower levels, often getting past 100. I was wondering if it is a good idea to add more firepower levels for weapons at milestones like 30, 50, 75 and 100. This way, having lots of firepower feels more rewarding and theres always something to aim for.

What do you think?


Missions in this game on their own won’t be very long, though if this were to be implemented, I think it would be better as a single super special power level at :zap:50.


Wait, 100 level? Seriously? That is a lot levels. I think 50 is good as emerald play said

It depends on the length of a mission. In normal missions in CUI you won’t get anywhere near it, but since players can create their own campaigns you might be able to reach it.

It’s a good idea but I think we only need new firepower at lvl 30, 40 or 50, and I think they should get some unique skills like Strikethrough for Laser Cannon, Chase for Photon Swarm, etc.


It is a goo idea, also, I think it would be even better if all the weapons had unique special abilities when reached a certain amount of power level


This should be an unlockable.Shouldn’t it?

I suggest level 40

Not more than 25 levels.20 is enough… Besides it will be a huge problem to balance both the chickens and the weapons if it’s more like 30

I thought about the same thing in the past but I haven’t made a topic about it. In CIU, the longest mission you can have is the weekly challenge (100 waves) and, from what I played, you can get around 40-50 firepower (assuming you’re not dying). Now, if you fight against at least one Henterprise or Apple Core, that gives you a considerable amount of firepower (those need to be nerfed, Egg Cannon instead, doesn’t give you anything…). Most missions though have between 20-40 waves so, in my opinion, the milestone of 50 or even 40 is too big. I’d rather suggest the second secret firepower to be at 30. Often times, just keeping that firepower above 10 or 20 can be hard, especially when you have epic waves on SSH with high difficulty on that mission, so the same thing could apply to 30 too. Plus, balancing the weapons isn’t easy indeed. Also, I suggest the second secret firepower to only activate if you actually bought it from the shop. Let’s say it’d cost 3000 keys. I know that it’s pretty expensive but considering that you’d have it forever for all weapons and also that bonus would be considerably bigger than the one at 20, I think it’s a fair price. Plus, a beginner at this game would have no reason to buy this if it hardly even reaches firepower 20, so this would be something for experienced chicken hunters.

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