More Droid enemy/wave/boss varieties

Droid levels have no variety, only 2 enemies, 1 boss, and around 10 stages. (i have posted other ideas about this)
I got a collection of enemies/bosses and wave ideas:

Droid protection wave

X number of droids (any kind) will appear with bubbled food circling around them (from 180 degrees to 270) Difficulty 50%

Space burger restaurant boss

A Space burger restaurant will appear that has the following attacks (paterns are how you want it):

droid deployment: deploy X of any kind of droids in the flanks
Food supply : throw popable food bubbles at you (this attack wont give you score for food collection)
spark rain: shoot droid projectiles from the top screen (add an indicator like lightning)
Difficulty around 75%

Chaser droid enemy

This droid will try to chase you like berserkers, but more slow and steady. shape is a dodecahedron and yellow lights Difficulty 60%

Droid tag wave

Chasers will appear in a big circle,whle security droids apear in corners

Top security droid

It will attack faster than security droid and attack 3 at the same time
The design is a Prism With Puple lights difficulty 90%

droid food organization wave

screen gets bigger (125%) and any kind of droids droids with bubble food will appear from all directions

This are all the ideas i got for now.
And here is a pool to vote your opinion.

  • 1 Star // This is a bad idea
  • 2 Stars // There are better ideas
  • 3 Stars // I guess this could work
  • 4 Stars // A good idea for CIU
  • 5 Stars // This idea is better than the 90% of ideas i’ve seen
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Thanks for voting and reading, have a nice day.

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Goods Ideas

It Should Chase You like Assassin Chick(Red) not Bersekers


I chosed berserker because of the Droid tag wave, assassin chicks are easy to deal with
(unless they are all around you) and chasers dont do dashes to you, the follow you towards a direction constantly so the tag wave should be for of an concentration wave

So They just Follow the Player towards a direction constantly without dashing,Just like Terminator Chickens Wave Movement Right ?

i would say more like
every tick move chaser towards spaceship X pixels

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