More controller features

I say for the next update we need to make the controllers more useful (xbox,playstation,nintendo,doesn’t matter)

With features like:
-vibration when chickens are killed
-left/right stick used to control the cursor
(features like these can be changed in the settings)

And overall, letting you take full control with a joystick and not all the time having to use a mouse to select things and navigate the “universe”.


(controller map by kasandra from deviantart)


I think CIU won’t be released on these platforms, because it’s very hard to code them there.


I didn’t say to be released for those platforms
I just said that we needed full control with the joysticks, not just the keyboard and mouse\

Agree gamer?


Agree now. But I don’t use controllers.

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I’m gonna edit this post later to explain further in to what I meant

Compatibility? Quality of life? Some form of customization? Not suggested yet? Always support such ideas.

I don’t play with a controller personally, but since CIU has controller support I think it’s pretty fair to add these changes.


I tried to play with a Nintendo Switch pro controller
The controls felt awkward


I have always had the idea that the pass could be controlled with the w, a, s, d keys; zoom the camera on the map with z (for zoom) and x (for the opposite). Only if they added that to me it would be much easier to explore than with the mouse all the time

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My hands are going to shake a lot.


Makes you wonder about Switch port. For switch it is 450$ for devkit. And Chicken Invaders doesn’t look bad for an indie game so it shouldn’t get rejected by Nintendo. With Switch port we could have first chicken invaders game on handheld console and home console. The only trouble would be working with CIU engine because for Switch Unity is so much more convenient. (which makes you 5 times more angry since big N refuses to put their great games on other platforms and it could be done with few clicks)


It can be turned off

I didn’t actually said that the game should be ported to other consoles
I said that we needed suport for all controllers of all types (xbox, nintendo, etc)

-compatibility? ALL controllers
-customization? button mapping (thats it, i dunno about something else)

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Yeah, my questions were mostly rhetorical and I implied that’s what your idea was like - about compatibility, about customization. And like I said, I support such ideas.

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