Moon Squad

Who wants to join my squad?
We already have 5 members (6 with me).


I want to join your squadron.


Maybe talk about this in the discord I guess…

Er… wait I’m in your squadron

can i join?

moi …


okey dude

I join!,thanks for inviting me :grinning:

Hey hey what the heck. Dodnt you just invite me to your squad?

Hey invite me too if you’d like. Im “Ladwithnoiq”. Thanks



Will join about tommorow and thanks for your kindness strangerm

Completing pending mission!!


There is a terrifying option called “Travelling”. Travel and find hard missions.

Or if the assignment sahre between all the players and not a single one, then i guess there is nothing can be done.

Assignment is shared to all squadron members.

Wow i didnt know. I mean they assigned me for missions. They didnt give me any score at all im just saying if they can give me harder ones. I still am farming at my own constellation because score insight says its the best and i want to get to 25 for key rush. And i do travel i didnt stay there like a lazy fat bones for them to assign me. I’m just trying to do my part in squadron lad. D you know how squadron leader stuff works? I think the leaders also gets something from the finished assigned missions