Monthly Challenge Idea

We had daily/weekly challenge, why don’t we have more Monthly Challenge???
Start fom every 1st of the month
Duration: 12*10 (wave 120 must be a villain and at least 2 out of 6 special modes included (Comet, Meteor, Feather, Retro, Nova, Droid Raid; not including DT, Darkness, BR or KR))
Difficulty: 1-120% (difficulty bonus 60.5%), must have at least 1 of the 4 environments
Time: 60 minutes, out of time is failed
Reward: 5000 keys (just symbolic)
How do you think about? (Sorry if sth wrong about my English :(()

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Basically an impossible Weekly Challenge + Space Race hybrid challenge (because even finding a Weekly Challenge that’s possible in 1 hour is very hard, let alone 120-wave challenge).


100 wave can be finished in avg 35m so why not 120 in 60-min?

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Its kinda strange to implement that kind of idea in my opinion

the pre-skill restriction of weekly challenge is barely an hour so I have several math conflictions that I don’t wanna touch.

Oh, forgot to mention, 2 special stages are capable of wasting 10 minutes of the run. Also do you think that the 1 hour cap for a 120-wave challenge is too harsh for new players (or at least tier 10)?

Making longer challenges doesn’t make sense. Ironman competition has the most reward (Too hard, but has half wave numbers of weekly challenges), which is 900 keys. This would be kinda exploit, because even if you reach the 1st place in Ironman Competition for 4 weeks, you’ll get 3.6K keys, while you can get more keys by playing monthly challenge only once, which is sooo easier and no one would play Ironman Competition.

Sorry, but longer challenges (specially without difficulty) are not interesting and we would have yearly, decadely, centuryly, millennialy and … challenges after that.

All weekly challenges doesn’t take 35m, sometimes this takes an hour to finish.

the key reward should be ranged from 120 to 1200 because 5k is a big number


And key packs will be completely useless.


There should be some way of attaching more value to challenges than a simple key reward. Perhaps equipment, or perishable rewards, but there isn’t enough variety in the game for that to be balanced.

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it’s doesn’t matter, iA will decide how many if they are agree this idea


Already suggested

It should be noted that the effective reward is significantly lower than 900 because wasting keys on perishables is a must if you want to stand a chance.


can’t wait for the millennium challenge


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can’t wait for the Big Chicken #214748364 Challenge! beat 2147483647 waves in a row, and the last boss is invincible so you cant win the mission


top 1 reward is 1 key

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I would like to see an ironman version of space race or weapons training

Please no.

Just 20 more waves that the weekly challenge? That is not enough to last a month.