Mod Support for Chicken Invaders Universe

hey guys and girls :slight_smile: today I have an idea that maybe some of you think PS: that one who will play modded games :slight_smile: anyway, let’s get over it and go to the idea

Someone (let’s go with the idea)
-Me (OK)

The idea today is related to modding in games but also to Chicken Invaders Universe more specifically about

My opinion should be to choose the second option I’m going to say now

Option 1: In the game when you come in somewhere with a mods button or some kind of ’

but the operation is small, it’s very complicated! Meow

good in this variant can you on a site made by creators to add mods how do you add mods?

just have to add somewhere,you ask the creators if they add the idea :wink:

and when you pressed add will open a window with add

add the module and it will give you a special server for mods

Variant 2: Like the other variant is somewhere a button, but it will write community ideas

in short, anyone can do their own level

and others to access that level, and after 10,000 visits, the one who made the visits is upgraded to the account and is premium :slight_smile:

PS: I’m sorry if I’m messing with words but I’m a Romanian and I do not know English well.

And now stay relax and play music. :wink:


The Ultra VGA Engine, and consequently Chicken Invaders Universe, wasn’t designed with modding in mind, so this won’t be possible. Few mods popped up for the episodes though, however they only change the graphics. Also, I don’t think that you should be able to get the license for free like that.

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I think the idea that if you have 10,000 visits you get a premium account is not even the best, it can be removed

and mods, add a system that can modify chickens, levels, backround, spacheship, weapons, theme, etc.

Yeah, I don’t think iA would bother with that.

A few years ago, I suggested to the devs that it would be nice to be able to “skin” the chickens by putting a detested relative’s face on them. :slight_smile:

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That’s a bit messed up.