"Mixed" Daily/Weekly mission

At the moment, Weekly mission type is just the ordinary mission type, which is kinda boring. So I suggest that at some point of Weekly mission, it will change to other mission type(Retro, Supply Droid, Quark or Darkness) for like 10 waves, then change back to normal
With Retro or Supply Droid type, the background color will change during the after-bossfight warp
With Quark, your space ship will automatically move to the bottom of the screen, and lock there until you complete the boss fight
With Boss rush missions, a “A huge wave of Henpire Executive Forces incoming” text will appear and then we will have from 3-5 boss rush wave in a row before it end


Great idea. Maybe even daily could be improved with that, but not 10 waves of course.

More interesting

Bump with the idea for how Boss Rush should appear in “Mixed” Daily/Weekly mission

Bumping some old idea

Do you know what you did? Wait a minute… I saw this idea before, I remember black hole teleportation mechanic to explain mission type change.

I guess we kinda got what you wanted now, as there’s a chance for the Weekly Challenge’s stages to have a different mission type (Except for Squawk Blocks and Retro). Maybe the Dailies could have a chance to be a 4x5 mission instead of a 2x10 mission. That way, a different mission type could be added in one of the said stages.


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