Missions icons with environments description

Because the new update introduced :
''Missions in electric environments: Deadly lightning strikes appear randomly (@kokokokos :medal_sports: Idea)
Missions in hot environments: Weapons overheat 20% faster (@kokokokos :medal_sports: Idea)
Missions around massive planets: Fighters move slower (bombers not affected) (@kokokokos :medal_sports: Idea)’’

I have noticed that at the moment there is no description of these environments and their consequences in the game.

So, I came up with an idea.

If you clicking on the environments icon of a certain mission would show a certain description

An example :


Something similar.

As you can see in the image above, clicking on the hot environments icon shows a certain description of it.

If this suggestion has already been proposed or if there is even a description for the environments of these types of missions, I apologize.
Also, sorry for my bad English.


An opinion ?

This is a good idea for new players, who actually doesn’t know their meaning and what will happen.


Another opinion ?

Sounds good


There’s an item on my to-do list to explain these mechanics the first time they’re encountered.

Your suggestion of hover tool-tips will sadly not work with keyboard/gamepad/touchscreen control.


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