Mission: Withered feather fields

A mission quite similar to the regular feather fields, but with some difference

  • These feathers are black, like Henterprise’s feathers.
  • This mission only appears on stars, replacing normal feather fields there if there’s any.
  • Henterprise can be the boss of this, alongside Feather brain and Twice infinity.
  • The heat effects there may not be present, your weapon’s overheat time will be normal or take less time to overheat than a regular hot mission does.
  • Instead of CI4 victory track, CI5 victory will play.
  • The starfield will be darker. Maybe this can’t be a darkness mission, since it’s so close to the sun, just darker starfield
  • Any type of Henterprise is welcome, though, can “Boldly Goes Wherever it Pleases” have highest chance of appearing.
  • This mission will have more feathers spawning in it than normal, and more waves.

That’s it, thanks for reading.


Normal Idea

every idea is normal lmao


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