Mission maker


I was wondering what if be a mission maker thing in chicken invaders universe.
So, you can make to yourself maybe 10 missions 5-40 waves.
You can play with it in multiplayer mode and of course in normal 1 player mode. And you can to place every kind of chickens.
For example it’s a zigzag or a Overarching Chickens or chick loop,nevermind it’s only chilled chicken or anything you want.
You can set the difficulty persent of the mission…
I think it’s would be good if it’s come into the game.

This image is not accurate, just an idea/information


Chicken Invaders Universe is an MMO with procedural generated planets, solar systems and such, so adding a mission editor would be out of place in this type of game. Especially when you consider that this is a multiplayer game

this sort of thing has been considered for CIU years ago but i dont know whats the current status


you would like it, if it’s will exist?

What does that have to do with anything?

And again. There are multiplayer games where people can play on custom made levels. Ever heard of Mario Maker 2?

Mission maker was considered by IA, but it would only allow you to use existing waves. Waves editor was denied by IA:

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i love this idea but it would take months of coding

If this system goes live, there should be a Community missions tab and whoever gets higest plays for that week gets a reward. Its just a idea tho.

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Good idea!

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