Mission insight

It’d be great if there was a mission insight that let’s you find missions in the galaxy by type

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No need for that. It’s easy to find mission types if you know where you can find them. DT can be found on Artificial moons. Chicken Invasions is found mostly on planets. BR is found mostly on stars (Although they can be found on planets too.) Same for darkness missions, found on planets. Supernova missions are found on stars. Asteroid missions are found on Asteroid belts, but they aren’t easy to locate. Comet chases can also be found on planets. I don’t know for key rush.

What are BR, Boss Rush? DT? Double Team?

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Yes. You are right.
BR-> Boss Rush
DT-> Double Team

I was looking for feather field the whole day and got sick of it :rofl:

Feather Field is the same case for darkness missions, can be found on planets, but they are not common.

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