Mission Extra Stage

Hi, this is an idea from me called Extra Stage

To make it simple: Extra Stage is a mission that unlocks when you complete the main mission with several conditions. The Extra Stage is harder than the main mission.


Conditions to have Extra Stage in a mission:

  • The mission must be a Chicken Invasion mission (CInvasion, darkness).
  • The mission must have at least 10 waves and 2 stages.
  • The mission must be 50% difficulty or above at the end.

How to unlock Extra Stage:

  • After completing the main mission, there is a button in the config before flying called “Fly Extra” in Bright red. After emerging victorious, the button uses your color theme.
  • You must fly the mission with SSH skill or above to unlock Extra Stage.
  • You also must be tier 30 or above for Extra Stage to be available or you can purchase CHL to remove this level restriction (pay to win? I would rather say it’s pay to lose)

As I said, Extra Stage (aka Extra Mission, EX. Mission, Master Hunter Mode) are a hard stage for the mission you just flown (or mission you have flown)

The Extra Stage transfer your final fp level at the main mission to the Extra Stage. This may sounds like cheating but hear me out:

Extra Stage Format:

[Mission codename] EXTRA
Example: Serious Shopgirl EXTRA

Waves: 1 x Main Mission Wave x 2
Example: if the mission is 4 x 10, the extra will be 1 x 20 waves

Difficulty:Main final mission difficulty - 100%
Example: if the mission is 10% - 56%, the extra will be 56% - 100%

Tiet req: 30

  • The minimum skill in Extra Stages are Veteran skill (you can’t go below Veteran)

  • Extra Stage will NEVER drop any fp, they only drop 1 gift that’s always different from your current using weapon each wave. To compensate, +25% Score bonus in the “Extra Bonus” category, dying onlyblose 3fp at max.

  • Extra Stage sometimes will have handicaps and item restrictions (i.e no special weapons, lesser slots, no satellites, etc.) Maximum 4 handicaps, +5% Score bonus for each handicap in the “Extra Bonus” category.

  • Extra Stage cannot be flown as multiplayer until you have completed it. You also cannot assign the mission

  • Complete (Win/Lose/Surrender) an Extra Stage will lock that Extra Stage for the next 24 hours. You also must fly the main mission again to be able to re-fly Extra Stage. However, winning the extra stage will allow you to save the mission to fly it normally without the Extra Stage effect and for multiplayer! (No extra score/key bonuses)

  • There will be no leaderboards for Extra Stages as the handicap are purely randomised each fly


  • Extra Stage has a whopping of 400.0% Key base multiplier (440.0% if it’s darkness)

  • Completing the Extra Stage without dying, using satellites and specials will award you with a “Overtime Worker” medal via mail.

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Sonic Origins Vibes.

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Hell yeah

This looks close to a mission easter egg.

Recruits who want to 100% the game:


It’s a little bit difficult :sweat: !

What if the mission is in 100% difficulty

Then it would be 100% - 100%

new creepypasta from CIU the fly extra.

I don’t like the fact that you can’t replay the missions immediatly (or the lack of a leaderboard) but I LOVE the concept, since it would be part of the endgame this game needs.

8\10 Amazing idea


hmmm, yeah. The time lock is kinda not a good idea (because I was thinking about unoriginality penalty) unless you can watch ad or pay keys to continue playing


I don’t really know most of what you’re discussing in the bullet points because I just play as default everything, but it’s a neat idea for bonus challenges so why not

A list of Extra Stage handicaps:

Universal Handicaps:

  • Speedy Poultry: Enemy projectiles are faster by (x)%
  • Nested: Specific enemy has higher chance of appearing.
  • Budget Constraint: Slots are limited (cannot equip more than x items).
  • Stealth: enemy shots are silent.
  • Unsafe: All waves (except bosses) must have zones.
  • Bullet Frenzy!: enemies shoot much more often.
  • Unaware: Zones are not marked
  • No signal: Waves are not announced
  • Inferior Bosses: the lesser the boss health, the faster they are.
  • Sniper Elites: Some enemies have higher accuracy.

Geez, imagine all of these at once. Sounds nightmarish.

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