Minor Suggestion: Points Shop and Steam Trading Card support for CIU

Not exactly an idea for the game itself, but rather for it being on Steam. I think CIU supporting the Steam Points Shop and Trading Cards would be a fun little bonus thing. I’d assume not every one of you knows what either of those are, so I’ll just briefly explain what they are:

  • The Points Shop is where you buy animated avatars, profile backgrounds, emojis and many other little things from many games on Steam to personalize your profile.

  • Steam Trading Cards are virtual trading cards which you earn by playing games on Steam. Once a set is completed, you’re able to craft game badges which level up your Steam profile.

Previous CI games already even support both Trading Cards (including badges) and the Points Shop (backgrounds, emojis), so I’ll just proceed to provide some examples from the older games:

CI2’s Trading Cards and Badges

CI3’s Backgrounds on the Points Shop

CI4’s Emojis on the Points Shop

While not entirely necessary and doesn’t bring much to the game itself, it would be a fun thing for players who own CIU on Steam. I mean, who wouldn’t want a background of the Slob Chicken on their Steam profile?


Slob God Slob God (as a steam profile)

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If I recall, iA said that he doesn’t have access to editing the badges, cards and stuff after the game is released, so he either won’t do this at all or postponed it a lot. I won’t be able to find the source message, though, it was around three years ago.

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