Minor Jingle Change

I know this is a very minor thing, but it would be nice, especially for veterans, if the “extra life” and “missile acquired” jingle from previous episodes played when buying those respective items. Missiles include any king of superweapon


I think the extra life jingle should be an option for a sector completion


It’s actually pretty dope idea @Davoid . I would like to see(or rather hear) that in game.



I’m trying to picture it in my head, it doesn’t seem fitting. Maybe a remix of it could work

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Jingle on ranking up do work as well.

Hey, Davoid, do you know where InterAction is located? I’ve been wondering about this for a while

Um… :eyes:

They are based in Athens

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On Mount Olympus
Oh wait I just checked that is true, sorry IA didn’t mean to offend :S

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How’s that an offence, you basically said the’re gods!

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Well yes, but that’s still joking about Athens/Greece. It is still about perception, just don’t want IA to take it in a mean spirited way.

I see your point

I mean if someone asked me if I lived on Pierogi’s because I’m Polish I would laugh probably, but when talking about someone else you gotta know their sense of humor first. And I don’t know what IA thinks is funny or not. Well except that EA thread wasn’t funny.

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you live in pierogi land
the best dish ever made

Mmmm…I could. :slightly_smiling_face:

4, Adrianoupoleos street

156-69 Papagou

Athens, GREECE

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Are you for real? You didn’t need to be that precise


luckily i know what’s there :slight_smile: