Mini versions of the main bosses new enemies

The Yolk-Star™
health 4000
yolk health 900
unstable to Plasma Rifle at 40%
resistant Volcanic Chain Gun 57%
blue laser attack

attack of the yolk the interference of the player

The Egg Cannon
health 4300
resistant to Corn Shotgun at 30%
not resistant to Riddler at 18%
attack the egg

health 5000
resistant Moronic Railgun 20%
not resistant to Lightning Fryer at 40%
attack of the green shot 2

it will look something like this


His editing level increased by 10%

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my 123

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that is not what I know the translation is terrible, blah blah blah

He always delivere amazing ideas :sweat_smile:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) nice editing

I lllll

is that what we’re here to talk about?

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