Mini ver. of Military Chicken

We have Slob Chicken - A mini version of Party Chicken (I guess tho)
So can we have mini version of Military Chicken ? It called Grenade Chicken.
Sometime it will throwing grenade and drop grenade when it died.

I can’t making long topic tho


A bit of similarity to my peach farmer and hmmm
SargeChicken this should be returned as a normal unit


This and the Military Chicken are actually the same boss.

kinda stupid but I felt like doing it so I just went with it.


The ci5 military chicken is much stronger than the ci2 one
in ci5 it can throw knifes and grenades
in ci2 it is a astronaut chicken with predictable attacks and you can easily defeat 3 of them at once I wouldn’t mind if it appeared in normal waves

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