Mind Control Boss or Chicken Type

My idea for a new boss or chicken type in the game is a some kind of Mind Control boss or a chicken that throws projectile that hits you, and when they hit you they invert your controls for a short duration. Up is down, down is up, etc… For the boss as a good additional design he should be wearing a tinfoil hat. What do you guys think? This is my first time post on the forums in the long time so i’d like your feedback to see what you think on the idea. If not that, they can also make the boss or chicken type when the projectile hits you, your mouse starts steering towards the enemy, or in random directions as like the boss is “controlling you” towards him. I don’t know which one you like more or if it’s just a dumb idea, but just wanted to share with you people :slight_smile:

For me the idea of ​​inverting the controls would be a good idea and it would be difficult if you are not used to having the controls inverted and worse when you use the mouse, although heading towards the boss or making the ship lose control, I think something very exaggerated and I think it would take a lot of programming to make it happen

Not sure if it is reminiscent to The Henperor’s Apprentice wave or something else (in terms of changing spacecraft direction), but it may look more interesting if you visualize it.

No it’s not like that, the henperor’s apprentice changes the direction of the spacecraft and you cant control it, what i’m saying is inverting the controls. Which means when you go up, it goes down, and etc… For the other one it’s like you’re a magnet, and you have to avoid getting hit by the projectile, but if you get hit by the projectile that the boss throws, you slowly go towards him.


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