Military Chicken Edits

Post your idea for Military Chicken . Simply add your own edit here ! Just add effects or any something to make your idea pretty ! EX : your artwork

…GOOD LUCK! :muscle:


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No only military Chicken

W h a t

Plz understand

I don’t get it

Simplest : add crystal or new knife designs

Oooooo, ok I’ll do it later

He meant a artwork topic for only Military Chicken.

@anon49824551 it’s still not worth it, just post at the topic Ramon shared above.

Why do I feel like that this topic is going to be useless at this point?

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Someone of your community created one similar to this adding edit to this chicken !


Also if you remember the Crystal

You don’t understand what i mean so before you do something notice that I love idea and your own

If you don’t need just report me I don’t understand why people consider me as rubbish


Can someone delete my topic

hey, its me xD

Bruh, clam down. We are only saying that there’s already a topic, so it’s not nesseccary to create another one for a single character.

If you want this topic to be deleted. Ask iA in dm’s so that he can delete it for you

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