Milestone Based Rewards

Alright. So I’ve talked about this before. Like an year or 2 ago. But still no progress. The game is really boring after T99. Its super hard to get keys. I grinded from T95 to T99 and used SSH in all missions and still got around 5K-6K Keys including Tier rewards. Its really dumb. There should be something like milestones and after completing one of them, you should be rewarded with some keys or maybe some equipment. It would make the game much more interesting. Or inflicting X amount of damage will give you either 100 keys or 4 lives. It would make the game much more interesting and there will be much more to do even after reaching T99. Also if you think space race and daily challenges are enough for your boredom, no they’re not. Daily missions do seem fun at first but they get boring after you’ve played enough. It becomes a routine thingy to do daily missions and space race etc. So yeah, there really is a need for milestones.


yeah i think so

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We have event missions as “milestones” and they give a fair amount of keys there.

Events aren’t milestones. They’re events. If its only the keys that you want, then there is no need for daily missions and stuff. we can get them from regular missions. Keys aren’t the main objective here. Read the thread again

Events are competitions, they are not made for keys, I mentioning them because most of them looks easy at their starts and there is where keys can be collected.

I read the topic again. And after some thinking. Your “Milestones” and the stuff they give won’t make the game interesting as you expect, it will make the game much easier than the fact that it is a challenge and just patience.

This one will be very exploitable for several players to save them many of their keys.

Dude what are you trying to say? First you said we can get keys from events, now you’re saying they’re not for keys.

What does this even mean. I already said that milestones aren’t for keys. They’re to make the game more interesting. And keys aren’t the only reward you can get anyways. All the challenges you’re talking about, those are just a routine thing and get boring very quickly. Especially once you’re T99.

What are you trying to say? How tf will some milestones make the game easier ?! Milestones contains stuff that you do everyday in game like killing enemies and inflicting certain amount of damage or reaching a certain tier. It just motivates you to play to get a certain milestone completed or to get a certain achievement. Completing daily missions and getting keys isn’t an achievement neither it makes your game more interesting. And btw what do you mean by “Patience”? Doing some challenges is patience? Bruh atleast think about the pros and cons of an idea before bashing it. It isn’t a compulsion to start an argument in an idea. If you wanna argue, then atleast get some facts in your discussion.


The game gets boring long before the T99

Overall it’s not a bad idea to add some more goals that are not based on earning points. It feels like some poor man version of quests. CIU needs goals badly so why not. But they need to be fun.


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Yeah there could be milestones which are more fun to do. I just generally said the damage and point terms. But it can’t be fun like having a party with chickens milestones :upside_down_face:

What the fuck dude? Why you got effervescent like this? At least stay calm and talk instead of shouting on someone who have a disagreeing about your ideas.

Did you even read what I said? Your idea is having more keys from doing “Milestones” while we can do the same thing in event missions. This simple.

This “routine” you are assuming changes when the event expires as your milestones.

Maybe it gets boring for you only and not for everyone. Overall you cannot read people’s mind so you can assume it’s boring.

You are saying that we can have better equipment very easily by doing some very simple “milestones” which doesn’t even make sense or worth these rewards. Beginners being rich at the very beginning is such bruh. I would agree with your idea if you made those “Milestones” very challenging to worth those rewards.

We play missions and fail until we succeed. We play missions for a long until we succeed. It’s just patience. This “Challenge” is feasible for someone who have tier 0.

Says the guy who got effervescent when I disagreed with an idea of his. Instead of having sometime with himself to think of what people are trying to say.


I do not mind having milestones to do, I agree of having side missions to do but making them give needed stuff as rewards is something that doesn’t really sounds right.

I am calm. The logics you are giving are just dumb

why tf are you still stuck on keys. The KEY Point here is to have side missions or milestones to do so we’ll be engaged even after T99. Milestones always have rewards and it isn’t compulsory for it to be keys.

This routine never changes because its always the same. same old daily missions and space races. There are plenty of milestones and there’s always a new one to complete.

Maybe it isn’t boring for only you and eveyelse thinks its boring. Overall you can’t talk on other people’s behalf.

You think there would be a milestone of reaching T2 and reward would be a BX9? Milestone rewards are based on their difficulty levels and thats common sense. No one will get a thousand keys for a simple milestone. Also you think a beginner under T20 would have inflicted a million damage to complete that milestone and be rich?

Thats a trash logic. The one who have completed a million damage would be a pro and not a noob

I wouldn’t be pissed if you were spitting facts. You’re just giving some dumb logics

That’s…not the point of keys.

Show an example, the rewards you are pointing doesn’t look clear.

You really underestimate beginners. 1M is not a hard goal to achieve.

What I meant by “Routine” is they change their formation by the time, so do your “Milestones”.

You…did talk on other’s behalf by saying they get bored from it.

Ah yes. The moment when you try to insult other’s criticism on your idea without even thinking for a bit on it. Besides you are one who say jackshit here.

“Why Tf…” “what the hell are you saying”.

Go learn some english atleast if you wanna argue. Search up what a key point is

Like a few lives, missiles and stuff like that.

Dude what i’m trying to say is that the one who would have a milestone of that difficulty, he would be atleast T70+ because of all the score and damage he did for the milestone

That formation change won’t make it more fun.

Dude are you smokin weed?
i said “they” get boring after some time. That they clearly points towards the challenges i was talking about.

Ah yes. That one guy who just loves shit talking and dogshits on every single idea. I still remember you were talking shit without even understanding the idea. Go see the year old idea of minimum req. You really haven’t changed

Over 4 years people used keys to buy better equipment throughout their walkthroughs. I dunno where you got this point from…

That’s…still can be achieved by players with lower tier levels.

And that’s like saying people will officially get bored from it by the time until it will longer be paid attention for.

Go learn how not to be a dumbass to someone who have a disagree on something about your idea.

Or is it you being a fucking retard and enrage unnecessarily to everybody who tries to open a discussion saying what he thinks bad and good about the idea. Grow the fuck up

Dude a key point is the main point of something. Atleast learn some English if you wanna argue

How the fuk can a player with sht ton of score be a lower tier player?! Can a player having the score of T80 be a T10 player??

I wish your English was better than this so that you’d be able to read the sh*t that you write. Then you’ll see whos the dumbass

You don’t even know anything. You don’t know sht about what i’m saying cause you can’t even read and write English properly. Atleast translate everything to your language first. I have been in arguments with a lot of players but I’ve never used cursive language. You’re so dumb i don’t even know what else do i say. Go to google translate and translate all of my text to your language and then translate all the text that you’ve written here so you’ll know how your sht tastes

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