Microphone in match

instead of communicating with the mic from discord, why not add it to the game? If there’s a chat for writing in the game, we’ll also put on the microphone. This is an idea that I should look into :slight_smile: I want your opinion :slight_smile:

Few reasons:

  1. Quite problematic to handle
  2. Impossible to moderate
  3. Increases required bandwidth for multi games
  4. Other apps already do this well enough (Discord, Skype, ICQ)



in future updates we can think about it that could be done :slight_smile: we’ll see

Heck no, it brings complications. And people will become toxic in their microphones.

Stick to Discord.

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let’s close the conversation :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

sorry interaction i didn’t know that

you may want to read everything in FAQ first before opening a topic

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