Micro wave weapon

I am talking about a weapon that lets you shoot, well, micro waves (not an actual microwave), at chicken and let you get more food (higher score)
The thing that I wrote above is the adventage of the weapon. The disadvantage is that the weapon will do consistently the same damage (which will be small, you’ll see why soon) .
Every time you upgrade it, it gives 10% more food and the wave takes more space (not sure how to say that, it’s like how the ion blaster works).
The weapon will be almost invisible, but you could see it by seeing the background a bit yellowish and distorted around it. It should also go through the chickens and hit other chickens, like how micro waves actually go through stuff in real life (the weapon also does the same small damage constantly, as I wrote, so it won’t be overpowered).

In short:
A weapon that makes chicken give you more food than normal, and pierces through them, but does the same small damage constantly.


I think it should have a bit of damage. Because if you get to a boss with this, you will be pretty screwed otherwise.

I think the boſſes would get more damage ſince they’re bigger, and that’s how microwaves work.

I think that we should expand your idea.
What if the bigger the chicken, the more damage the weapon will do to it?
I also thought about “microwave missiles”. they will look like the normal missiles, but with a microwave attached to it (maybe with a rope? or a chain?). This missile will work like the normal one but it will make the chicken drop 2x more food.

Edit : I should clearify that there should be ONLY ONE of my ideas at the game.

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Firſt of all: pleaſe make the deſtinction between microwaves, the electromagnetic waves, and microwave ovens, the cooking device.
Second: I don’t think we need both a weapon and a miſſle baſed on the microwave concept.

Since that was kind of my point, I moſt certainly agree!

First : sorry, my bad. I’ll edit my post now.
Second : yeah, your’e right. Also, I should clearify that there should be only one of the two in the game.
Third and last : thank you, it’s always nice to hear a thank you from someone : )

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Damn, I’m late with this weapon idea :smiley: Anyway, It’s good.