Metor Storm boss difficulty ideas (SPOILERS!)

Everybody gangsta till’ the boss drops the fiery meteors
I feel like that attack should be atleast slightly nerfed
However I think other attacks deserve an upgrade:
1.The initial meteor “shield” of sorts, I don’t know if this is only at the beginning or was unlucky, but make meteors fly out randoomly throuought, and definetly once it’s up most of them will fly out.
2.The meteor ring is easy to dodge and avoid even when missing the tell for it. Make it spawn more downwards and less to the left, so the player has to react quicker. The belt could also increase and decrease in size, forcing you to go around or weave through the meteors sometimes.


In my opinion he is fine
The fiery asteroids are rare (In 3 hard battles happened only 4 times)
The meteor ring (or “saturn cosplay”) maybe needs a buff (faster speed based on diffuculty and random rotation sense)

*asks for a boss buff
Me:Didn’t you learned?


Version 10.1 was exciting and fun
Change my mind

When you wanted to update to 10.1 but you were not fast enough and iA made a new update
It hurts
This thing
Actually hurts.

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I like this part:

But not this part:

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I’m also on the fence on my own opinion of that xD
However I’d also like to include another’s idea, so most likely don’t credit me for it as it’s probably somewhere here, that the ring should also spin faster in general. (Might have been on Discord but I can’t find it)

the 10.1 bosses should return when the universal grandmaster comes out tbh

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I can’t change it but I’m not a pro.
I said all.
(Seriously that was the only period when I bought extra lives)

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