Every time when I need to chat with somebody I have to play multiplayer. But problem are I don’t know on which server they are and I can’t chat if they are not online or on any server. For easier chatting I would like to add option “chat” in messages menu. If somebody send you offensive message just block and report him.


Already suggested several times, still denied by IA.

There’s a ‘‘Report Player’’ button in the game.


that would be a little easy

but we’re always working

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you’re not a dev of the game

why would you be working

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I also want to chat , i wish that this feature would added in game.

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I would like it to chat with my best friend :)))))))))


i am saying that players in ciu are busy playing and the chatting is not consider a choice IDK why i sound like IA :no_mouth:

While I do support this idea because of CIU being an MMO game, if iA denied this idea, it’s likely for a good reason. There are several issues with the chat that can plunge the game and players into a downward spiral. Games like Minecraft* and other MMOs with chat have their own set of similar problems with in-game chat, so it’s generally for the better. But I really don’t see a point considering the shoot-em’ up, chicken annihilation, buy more lives, continue shoot-em’ up, and all’at for the nature of the game. People are gonna be busy annihilating and frying chickens in missions.

BUT, I do see some potential by adding a Do Not Disturb feature. During missions, a Chat button and Do Not Disturb button will be in the pause menu. The chat menu opens a small window to the right of the screen where you can chat with your contacts, and the Do Not Disturb button will hide notifications.

Chat notifications pop up like regular notifications, but green instead of gold-yellow or another color.

*Yes, I do play Minecraft. Add me on Xbox? SCG1171

Just add: Send invitation to this contact to join your game

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