Menace: A CI Story Part 2 [CHAPTER 2]

Chapter 1: Something Old, Something New

“God I’m so nervous…”
“Relax, it’s nothing old. Just think of it as comms but with more than one person, 'kay?”
“I guess you’re right. ahem G-greetings future recruits, (“Don’t stammer.”) welcome to the Heroes’ Academy! Here you’ll be able to learn about how to, um… (“You literally have a script in front of you.”) save the world and successfully be able to fly and explore the galaxy on your own! Hell, (“Wait, who added that?”) you might even be able to match the Authentic Hero if you work hard enough! So, ready to start? Head on over to your assigned Academy tomorrow!”
“See? Easy! I told you it was nothing to worry about.”
“Yeah. Thanks for your help.”
“No problem Dan.”

I don’t know why, but despite being appointed to say the speech for which I’ve been preparing for a long time made me so nervous. At least Jaiden helps me to do this sort of things much more confidently. In case you didn’t know, we (Jaiden, the Authentic Hero and me) had faced off against a giant chicken battleship not a long time ago, after which we ‘decided’ to have a sort of change in our lifestyle. I was chosen as an instructor in the Heroes’ Academy, Jaiden still wanted to stay as a recruit and Mr. Authentic (we never got his name) said that he would probably cross paths someday and we’ve never seen him since. Things have been pretty quiet since then. I’m hoping that this could be a major change…

Chapter 2: New On the Scene

I couldn’t believe myself! I thought I’d failed the test, but somehow I managed to make it in! That thing was really hard and i’d missed a good portion of the questions but I somehow got an e-mail saying that I was in. This place was huge, and I didn’t know what could be in there. There’s so many other people too in here it feels a bit…

“Gah! What the-?”
“Don’t scare me like that! And besides, who are you?”
“Who do you think? Dude, do you not even know where we are?”
“I know very well, thank you!”
“Well, I’m Chris. How about you?”
You could have said that earlier…
“I’m Aaron. Nice to meet you I guess.”
“By the way, do you have a watch?”
“Yeah, the time is 8, oh!”
“Well, see you later!”

And with that he left. That didn’t go too bad fortunately for a first time in here. After 5 minutes, we were told to go through the gate. There were about 10 entries to group people together. I was to go to the first entry. I stepped inside after waiting for a long time, and was greeted by a recorded message.

Greetings, soon-to-be-recruits! Welcome to the Heroes’ Academy!

More chapters coming soon.

Writers’ notes:
Well, here’s the second chapter. Here we see my poor naming skills (there’s gonna be rick astley aaah.joke)! Also, my cat died today unfortunately. She had a heart attack in the morning. May she rest in peace and toy flowers (she loved toy flowers).

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Sorry, but, didn’t you say the story is over? (not saying you did anything bad, all of the job is good)

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Why? Isn’t it a good story?


It is.

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I couldn’t resist lol

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Anyways nice job man, I hope you keep resuming the story!

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Will do!


Nice, this is very awesome.

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So Dan is a Major now?

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Not really. He’s actually an instructor (i dont wanna go with the ptotagonist is the centre of attention thing)

Epic!! Let’s see what’s in store for the galaxy…


Also, there’s a shift in protagonists. So Dan isn’t going to be the one in this one. I’m still confused as to how to make it work out.

Chapter 2 out.

Nice, continue more!

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So, a new recruit has joined the UHF and the next chapter will be focused on him?


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Sort of.

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