Meet the Gallon!

Greetings recruits!

Stardrone here,
In this topic I will talk about the dumbest/sillyest chicken invaders-related concept I have ever had.
Hope you will like it.

Let’s start:

Meet the “Gallon” chicken breed:

Gallon chicken breed consists into liquid chickens inside a glass.
Their look is based over a glass of mojito.

Gallons are an elite-class breed, this means that it shares similar spawn condition of Baloon and Coward breeds.

A mojito drink

Origin of the name:

  • The latin word for “Rooster” is “Gallus”
  • In Imperial the scale of measuring liquids is the gallon

Gallon chickens have an unique attack mechanic:
They spill themselves by throwing 3 drops on top of them, 0.5 seconds later the drop will fall (following gravity).

They will get hurt (-100 hp each time) in the process of attacking.

It the player attacks a Gallon, the enemy will attack immediatly (In order to avoid bullet spam there should be a cooldown that scales according to difficulty)

When a gallon hp reach 0,
2 things will happen according to what killed it:

  1. Last hit by Gallon: Glass is empty, it will now fall down the screen according to gravity

  2. Last hit by Player: Glass will break, liquid will persist on place for a short amount of time. Will act as a smaller toxic cloud (half radius, half lifespan)

Why this breed should get added?

  • More enemy variety at higher difficulty, since it will lower the chance of meeting both cowards and baloons, wich are litteraly spammed at medium-high difficulties;
  • It features two unique mechanics;
  • It’s a funny concept (hoping this It’s not only valid for me);
  • An unique attack means a different challenge that players must overcome;

What do you think? Do you like the gallon?


This chicken breed seems really weird… and i like it.

The gameplay its really cool and the design is very unique and funny, to be honest, Gallon is a nice chicken breed that i whould be glad to see in the game.


This is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing. I’m dreading the thought of what it might look like fully rendered…

The gameplay mechanics feel like a hybrid of cowards, toxics, and ufos - sounds brutal, honestly, although the lack of aiming means they’d be managable when not in a crowd.

also @Darth_Skembesion this is now going to be a regular in your art now isn’t it


Darth Skembesion simultaneously awes me and fills me with unending terror


Does your ship explode if it hits you?

It’s litteraly a white rectangle with a face that looks at the player, It all depends on how it is drawn and I am confident It won’t be drawn in a disturbing way at all.
The leg can be replaced by a straw\paper umbrella or have ice instead if my design it’s too much.
The developer always manage to adapt fanmade concept in a way that fits the game really well.

I don’t think it will that brutal (anyway every enemy is brutal if in large numbers) and the game already has recyclyng mechanics (doging, aimed attacks an enemy that does both)
Btw armored eggships and chickenauts are litteraly the same enemy if we consider their mechanics, it’s how those mechanics are implemented and their stats difference that makes them stand out.

“Spilling” when hit mechanics feel interesting since it fits the concept (hit a glass full of water, that is what happens) and the way the drop moves isn’t like any other we have.
Too much difficulty is solved with nerfs: If it’s too insane, the number of drops shot when hit may vary if it’s hit or not, with more drops shot when being it. Or making it drop 1 drop no matter what but the for the starting trajectory doesn’t follow a fixed pattern.

The different death consequences are made to add more strategy depht into playing (“Do I want to kill them but get punished or want to wait but risking more?” “Sould I attack Gallons at the left first or let them lose hp while dealing with weaker enemies on the right?”); also half toxic cloud radius is really small and easy to avoid.

The idea was that but Kylo made me realize that would be too similar to how saucers work (and we already have tons of them) I seriously didn’t realize that at all…

So I’ m thinking about an alternative but I don’t know what yet, probaby will edit the topic when I will find a good one (unique and punishing but not too much).




The rendered version actually looks more disturbing compared to the drawn one.


this scares me

I like it

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iA pls hire skembesion as artist


can i drink it?


I mean, we have evidence to the contrary… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a liquid chicken that spills itself all over it’s enemies. I think that would be challenging to not make at least a bit disturbing.

My remark on the gameplay impact was an observation, not a criticism. I’ve got nothing against a well-implemented enemy with re-used mechanics or high difficulty. :wink:

That said, the ticking time mechanic is probably the most interesting component here. The notion of a chicken that slowly loses health but detonates at the end - so you have to decide whether to let them eliminate themselves or try and gradually “defuse” them - would add a fun aspect of panic to certain waves, although be completely nullified on others. Maybe a bomb/dynamite carrying chicken?

I do like the gallon wordplay, although it’s a bit too subtle, maybe. Perhaps “Gallus Gallon” could be a wave instead - like a glass or jug (made of barriers) filled up with chickens, that gradually pours them out to attack you? @InterAction_studios


What about Galliter?


Sorry, I apologise

I don’t think adding a litteral kamikaze is a good idea.

Anyway what if the chicken had not-so-harmful esplosives?

A Firework chicken that works exactly the same as my Gallon.
Everytime he launches a firework he takes damage since he isn’t really good at it.

If he kills himself explodes and both (nearby) chickens and player can get killed by the explosion.
(Useful aftermath attack but hard to doge)

If you kill it he will throw some firework (or the remaining amount) in the sky.
(Strong aftermath attack but easyer to avoid)

With this “design rework” there is no need to give it an attack on hit mechanic and we got a more unique design too (I feel sad)



Made using GIMP with official InterAction Studios files (from Chicken Invaders 5 for the beak and the wing, Universe for the eyes, Christmas Eve Crisis for the glass and the straw and Piggly for the umbrella).




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