Medals should be counted as team effort in multiplayer because of medal quests

I’m usually playing solo and doing quests, but when my friend gets time to play, we go multiplayer. Problem is we can’t complete medal quest while playing multiplayer. Some specific medals are impossible to get. I can’t get Medal of Excellence (90% kill ration in a single stage) and he can’t get Medal of Great Appetite (90% food collection in a single wave). Quest goals for those medals are impossible because medal collection/ration percentage is counted separately. Don’t want to complaint to much since I’m on Captain rank, but it would make multiplayer better in my opinion. Maybe add a player limit for team effort medal award. Looking for feedback…

hmm let me think…
your playing solo and doing quests but when your friend gets the time to play you all go multiplayer.
and the problem is that you guys cannot complete the medal quests.
so, do you want medals to be counted for everybody in the multiplayer game so you all can get medals… right?

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If I collect 50% of food and he collects 50% of food no one gets the medal. Same for the kill ratio.
If collection/kill percentage is counted for 2 or more players (so that everyone gets a medal) then those medals and medal specific quests would be possible to get while playing multiplayer. Since competitive missions that are flown as multiplayer are disqualified anyways, I don’t think this feature would be unbalanced.

I think it might be possible if these medals have their requirements divided by two (or the number of players) but are only given if both of the players (all of them, if more) complete these requirements.

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