Mechnical bosses speed up with electrical weapons

When bosses like UCO and Space crab attacked by electrical weapons like Lightning fryer, they slightly speed up while the the weapon is locked on them (the more firepower you have, the more it will speed up). And once the weapon is no longer attacking them, they slow down slowly till they back to their original speed.

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Problem is, lightning already struggles against UCOs thanks to its autolock. This would just make it even worse.


It’s not even that. It’s that we’d be giving a ‘class’ of bosses a major advantage (much more significant than the standard 15% damage resistance) against a specific weapon group (also, one that so far only contains one primary weapon and one special weapon). Why does the electric group specifically need this kind of weakness anyway?


That too, it would complicate balancing in general


I see the real world logic in this post, but I’d rather not nerf those electrical weapon types since they already struggle against certain bosses due to autolock

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