Mechanical insanity

Lately the chickens have been working on these mechanical versions of them with a strange stink that is felt in their vicinity.
new type of missions are mechanical missions in which instead of ordinary chickens there will be mechanical chickens that will have twice as much health than ordinary ones (mechanical missions are only hard and elite)
mechanical versions of chicken are:
Ordinary Mech(these will fire two lasers one after the other)
BigChickenCIU BigChickenCIU (4)
Drone Mech(it will fire three lasers that work like drone chickens eggs)
BigChickenCIU (3)
Pilot Mech(he will fire four lasers)
BigChickenCIU (6)
4.Sniper Mech(Coward Mech)(when you shoot at him, he will aim at the place where you were and after 1 second he will shoot at that place)
BigChickenCIU (5)
5.Toxic Mech(when he loses half his health he will release a toxic cloud and he will do the same when he dies)

Titanium Mechs(they will shoot three lasers at you)
BigChickenCIU (7) BigChickenCIU (8) BigChickenCIU (9)
Slob Mech(he will shoot a lot of laser when it is charged)
BigChickenCIU (10)
Mechanaut(will fire two lasers 3 times)
BigChickenCIU (11)
Chick Mechs(just like ordinary only the broken will avoid you)
OrdinaryChick OrdinaryChick (2)
Assassin Mechs(it will have a laser circle around it when you shoot it)
OrdinaryChick (3) OrdinaryChick (4)
an illustration of their attacks
download (2) download (3) download
new boss: corrupted mech
one of their mechs was corrupted by something, so he went on a rampage and killed 50 of our recruits you have to stop him
BigChickenCIU (12)
he has 4 attacks
first attack: he will go to the right middle of the screen and go to the left while he will fire three lasers (the harder the mission, the more lasers)
download (8)
download (1)
second attack: a bunch of projectiles will be fired that will move like in a “feather brain” boss
download (5)
third attack: he will try to suck you into his crystal and then a purple laser circle will appear around him
download (6)download (7)
fourth attack: same attack as the “party time” boss but with lasers
download (4)
it will also sometimes create a shield around it that you will have to destroy.Every time you destroy him you will get a metal beak,mecha engine,neutron batteries that can be used in the upgrade station,
there is also a 1 in 20 chance of getting a corrupt crystal

who is your favorite mech

  • Ordinary Mech
  • Drone Mech
  • Pilot Mech
  • Sniper Mech
  • Toxic Mech
  • Titanium Mechs
  • Slob Mech
  • Mechanaut
  • Chick Mechs
  • Assassin Mechs
  • corrupted mech

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                              PART 2

the upgrade station looks like this

these parts you get from a corrupt mech you will need them to make mystical things (mystical things have 4 diamonds next to them)like mystical space ships(when they are mystical you can set them to have golden parts in the customize part)
in this part i will only talk about the parts you can get for crafting:
1.bone (1 in 5,000 killed ordinary chickens will give you a bone)
2.broken sunglasses (1 in 1,000 pilot chickens killed will give you broken sunglasses)
3.yellow feather (1 in 6,000 killed chicks will give you a yellow feather) feather (1 in 600 killed angry chicks will give you a red feather)
5.toxic feather (1 in 1,200 killed toxic chickens will give you a toxic feather)
6.dirty shirt (1 in 500 killed slob chickens will give you a dirty shirt)
7.metal suit part (1 of 4,000 killed metal suit chickens will give you a metal suit part)
8.disco ball (1 of 50 killed “Party time” bosses will give you a disco ball)
9.part of meteor (1 out of 3,000 destroyed meteors will give you part of meteor)
10.blazing meteor part (1 of 2,500 destroyed red meteors will give you a blazing meteor part)
11.part of a comet (1 in 1,500 destroyed comets will give you a part of a comet)
12.grenade (1 of 50 killed “special forces” bosses will give you a grenade)
13.knife (1 of 25 killed “special forces” bosses will give you a knife) crab hand (1 out of 100 destroyed “space crab” bosses will give you a space crab hand (only the first, third and 2.0 versions)) crab laser (1 of the 50 destroyed “space crab” bosses will give you a space crab laser (only the second and third versions))
16.toxic tube (1 out of 100 destroyed “space crab” bosses and toxic mechs will give you a toxic tube(only the first three versions will give you this))
17.fuel tube (1 of 25 destroyed “space crab 2.0” bosses will give you a fuel tube(only the fourth version will give you this))
18.U.C.O light (1 of 125 destroyed “U.C.O” bosses will give you U.C.O lights(all U.C.Os will give you U.C.O lights))
19.egg gun(1 of the 50 destroyed “U.C.O” bosses will give you an egg gun(only the second and fourth versions will give))
20.scarf (every killed “it gets cold in space” boss will give you scarf)
21.metal beak, mecha engine, neutron batteries (you will get these things every time you kill a corrupt mech)
22.corrupt crystal (1 in 20 killed corrupt mechs will give you a corrupt crystal)
23.egg shield part(1 of 1500 destroyed parts of shield of “it’s the mother hen ship” boss will give you egg shield part)
24.titanium suit part (1 of 1,100 killed titanium mechs will give you titanium suit part)
25.metal dirty shirt (every time you kill slob mech you get a metal dirty shirt)

                           PART 3

mystical scout:a metal beak, a mechanical engine, 4 neutron batteries, a corrupt crystal, a legendary version of scout, 5 parts of metal suit, 5 parts of a titanium suit and 5,000 coins
you will get:2 pylons,a coin magnet and second satellite slot
mystical muller:a metal beak, a mechanical engine, 4 neutron batteries, a corrupt crystal, a legendary version of muller, 5 parts of metal suit, 5 parts of a titanium suit and 5,000 coins
you will get: 2 pylons and food duplicator
mystical bomber:a metal beak, a mechanical engine, 4 neutron batteries, a corrupt crystal, a legendary version of bomber, 5 parts of metal suit, 5 parts of a titanium suit and 5,000 coins
you will get:more control and more projectiles.
(picture missing)
titanium dinner:max level Utensil Poker,500 bones,50 dirty shirts,10metal dirty shirt,30 knifes,5 titanium suit parts,metal beak,5,000 coins.
you will get:titanium dinner utensil will have a faster projectile speed and will pass through any enemy it kills
neuthic gun:max level Neutron Gun,10 part of comet,20 toxic tubes,50 metal suits,20 toxic feathers,5,000 coins
you will get:neuthic gun will have twice as damage the max level neutron and will go
through the enemies but will overheat extremely fast
party corn:max level Corn Shotgun,20 broken sunglasses,10 disco balls,5,000 coins
you will get:party corn shotgun will have an abnormal projectile speed and at the same time will blow confetti that will push enemies away from you (only in blue triangle)
little help:max level Absolver Beam,50 parts of meteor,15 granades,space crab laser,15 fuel tubes,5,000 coins
you will get:little help absolver beam will have faster charge speed and bonus 4 projectile that are same speed as Vulcan Chaingun

blazing swarm:max level Photon Swarm,30 blazing meteor parts,15 comet parts,10 fuel tubes,9 scarfs,5,000 coins
you will get:blazing swarm will look the same as old photon but will set enemies on fire and will have faster bullet speed
red plasma:max level Plasma Rifle,15 egg guns,4 U.C.O lights,10 fuel tube,100 red feathers,5.000 coins
you will get:red plasma rifle will have twice as big splash damage(light that damages)

lava cannon:max level Laser Cannon,55 blazing meteor parts,20 granades,5,000 coins
you will get:lava laser cannon will shoot through the enemies and set them on fire but will overheat faster

light blaster:max level Ion Blaster,50 bones,20 U.C.O lights,10 space crab hands,26 egg guns,corrupt crystal,12 neutron batteries,5,000 coins
you will get:light ion blaster will blind every enemy for 2 seconds except bosses (they will not be able to attack)
boron rail laser:max level Boron Railgun,500 yellow feathers,50 parts of comet,10 space crab lasers,5,000 coins
you will get:boron rail laser will not have overdrive but will deal more damage and will deal damage in same way the other laser weapons

moron minigun:max level Moron Railgun,100 red feathers,110 egg shield parts,20 fuel tubes,10 scarfs,5,000 coins
you will get:moron minigun will not have overdrive
because its already fast like it has overdrive and will have bonus projectile that will shoot i random direction

octo laser:lvl 1 Plasma Rifle,lvl 1 Positron Stream,500 egg shield parts,5 corrupt crystals,20 space crab hands and lasers,10,000 coins
you will get:octo laser will fire a laser at one chicken that is inside the blue triangle, the maximum number of chickens that can shoot at once is 5 (one laser for each chicken) doing a little more damage than a plasma rifle, and an overheat like utensil poker,it will look like this at each level: lvl 1 becomes thicker, lvl 2 two lasers, lvl 3 becomes thicker, lvl 4 three lasers, lvl 5 becomes thicker, lvl6 four lasers, lvl 7 becomes thicker, lvl 8 five lasers, lvl 9 and 10 become thicker(This weapon will only be able to be upgraded in upgrade station for 500 coins)when you shoot with this weapon and there is no one you will see only light

mystical reactor:legendary version of reactor,100 metal suit parts,50 fuel tubes,60 U.C.O lights,50 neutron batteries,6.000 coins
you will get:I don’t have to explain this
mystical heat sink:legendary version of heat sink,100 metal suit parts,50 metal beaks,200 egg shield parts,6.000 coins
you will get:I don’t have to explain this
mystical Thruster:legendary version of thruster,100 titanium suit parts,55 mecha engines,100 blazing meteor parts
you will get:I don’t have to explain this
night vision scope:100 toxic feathers,laser scope,corrupt crystal,10 toxic tube,26 metal beaks,4,000 coins
you will get:with this you will be able to see more in the dark missions

what is your favorite upgrade

  • mystical scout
  • mystical muller
  • mystical bomber
  • titanium dinner
  • neuthic gun
  • party corn
  • little help
  • blazing swarm
  • red plasma
  • lava cannon
  • light blaster
  • boron rail laser
  • moron minigun
  • night vision scope

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what do you think about octo laser is it good or bad

  • good
  • bad
  • ok

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(if you have any more upgrades to suggest feel free to suggest)

we can also have names for updates like feather phobia, no need but it would be cool


I don’t think that having enemies clones to others is actually a good idea.

In my opinion they should work well in a boss battle when the bots are choosen from this huge pool.

sadly this mechanic can’t work with the game engine, already suggested


I have to say that you don’t have to make such complicated pattern to make an interesting boss. Take a look of the bosses with definite patterns, they look interesting ONLY for the first time.


i know slob is not wearing a shirt but i forgot the name of what he is wearing

What will they have? 2 pylons on scouts, mullers?
10 sat slots for bombers?, More control on bombers?

I forgot to add that

this is the last part

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