Me wave #2 - Geometric shapes

I have a new wave which is as follows: The idea is ((Geometric shapes)) like this example

This is a square

This is a rectangle

This is a triangle

thank you for read
good bye :slight_smile:

It’s already suggested this wave Chicken Geometry

Wrong topic category.

How is this new or original? Are the shapes one after another, conjoined, etc?

Not wrong - how this a level in chicken inveasion

Idk = i dont know

He’s right, this is supposed to be in the Ideas category + there is a wave similar to this.

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These aren’t unique enough to be added…
especially that first wave idea. It’s literally just another next generation/military parade/whatever clone. We already have enough of those.

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I guess but the wave Chicken Geometry it’s only triangles not square

I believe there are other waves in it.

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