Maximum power 30

all three ships m400 404 408 arrived at upgrade 10 + the maximum (20).
we are at power 20, and we reach 30 at maximum power, what is this max power for? nothing happens in the game, it seems identical to 20. I think of eliminating the points counter that says 100,000 we maximize power, i.e. when we get 30 and leave it only for the bx9 which instead has its capacity of 30.
summary: if the m400 404 408, vf 56,66,67, H&C 201,301,401 reach 30 nothing happens while only the bx9 works. What do we do?
I don’t know if you noticed this

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Why get rid of it? It’s just a point bonus.

The BX-9 has its max power level at :zap:28, not :zap:30.
“Overpowered!” is simply a score bonus you get on reaching :zap:30, it has no connection to the ship’s max power level. “Max power!”, on the other hand, is a notification that you have reached the max level if applicable to your ship, and it awards no points.


Dunno if anyone would agree, but if IA decides to bring back “Extra life!” notification sound from previous CI3 game for “Overpowered!”, that would be wonderful.

Just crossing fingers for now, though.


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