Max power new mechanism

Well mmm you know it annoying that not all spaceship has the (max) power
So how about add [mega recator booster] MRB it in always on list buy it with 2000 key (i don’t know change it as you want) when you buy it if you reach power level 30 it active the max weapon like [10+20 or 8+22 , 18+12] and every kind of spaceship has it strengh of max power or even how the weapon look
so what you thing :flushed:


so like, a booster that gives 1 extra level huh??

Hmm no it like the new way to get max power for any spaceship … (No free power up)

The reason why ships H&C and VF does not have the Max power feature is because thats what they are intended to do. They act as like a scout that focusing on dodging prowess or extra keys generation. Giving them a max power feature is nice more power to ve like the M400 but this also applies to the BX and M400 series according to you making them vastly superior to the other two now they are more powerful. Its just that it doesnt sound great on paper

Just say they have max power like add boost to them in some point they start to act pointless you bought everthing you can finish eniermint plante with m400
… But also like i said up it doesn’t have to be the same powerfull when they reach max power but at least make longer mission worty play with other spaceship
Will that is my opinie of course ತ⁠_⁠ʖ⁠ತ

It sounds like a good upgrade idea, but I still stand on the ship being more mobility or utility. Basically the idea for them is that they traded their firepower for good speed and utility, giving them a max power feature becomes more of a better version of the M400. So yeah M400 and BX act as the gunners and H&C and VF act as scouts, giving the scout max power mean that their role as a scouts turn them into gunners that does better performance and utility.

TL:DR Ships’ role classification


  • Good choice :+1:
  • Eh
  • Unfair advantage against the game Mechanics

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