(+MAX) How does it work? (Because I don´t understand...)

Just one question… How does the +MAX work?

Let´s take for example the ship you get when you start (max power being 8); you can still collect firepower but you´re just saving it up just in case you die so you don´t have to suffer dmg reduction.

But, M4 for example, has Weapon power limit: 10 (+MAX). I don´t understand what that means…

Or is it just that we get to stack an infinite amount of power? (I don´t think so… right?)

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Spacecrafts that have +MAX means that it has the advertised “secret” firepower level, which is the true max firepower of 10 levels above the displayed firepower limit. The question is how can we display it in the game so that players can understand?

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Ohhh ok ok.

Hmm… maybe by appling some sort of soft glow on both the bottom left corner and maybe the ship can get surrounded by an aura?

Thanks for the respond GU

It’s actually surprisingly simple. Just add the following phrase into the Galactic Store explanation of spacecraft:

Spacecraft that have +MAX displayed next to their weapon power limit gain one additional weapon firepower if you have at least 10 more firepower over the indicated limit.


Ok, this makes it 100% clear now.
Ty K.O.F👌


Or change it into “MAX indicates this spaceship has a secret power level 10 levels away from the indicated ones.”. That way we don’t have to modify the text for each spaceship.


Oh yeah, a bit later after changing my name, I realized that I didn’t want to capitalize the letter O.

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