Master squawker bug

so I was doing a squawk block mission difficulty 88% on super hero 18 levels all harder enough!!!
when I meet the BOSS what’s happen?!?
the master was going down down down enough to kill me 5 times with his laser and then disappear I think in hell :grinning::grinning:
the last part was a joke but there’s a bug!

That’s intended.


I actuälly think that it ſhould have more laſers at harder difficulties.


the MS is pretty easy currently, i do think it should have more lasers at harder difficulties too

that’s what I mean it’s a bug ? or it meant to be like that?

I think it’s intended

Master squawker interacts just like other waves in this mode, so this is not a bug.

Added to v.17

:medal_military: Idea medal

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