Massive flagged due to my old topic

As the title said, I guess that was action made by iA.
Since my old topic was closed, unlisted and archived, anything related to that topic will be flagged automatically, or need time to be flagged.
I’m sorry for making unnecessary things before, but for convenience, dont make any picture, content related to it…
“Never” will be better…
Also I wanted to ask, if I got too many flag at the same time in many post/topic, will it become worse then?

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I have two points which might or might not be correct because I don’t see the future

Firstly, if iA needed to remove related stuff, it would’ve been done silently, completely (e.g. not by flagging but a complete removal, because it is possible) and probably with notifying related authors.

Secondly, I’m pretty sure he has a lot of stuff to do better than this :/.


No, it won’t, and I doubt there is a system smart enough to recognise stuff like that automatically.

Fourthly (is this a word?),

Worse in what kind? More flags? No, because people tend to forget things in like two weeks… unless it’s a topic bump, which they don’t forget.


More flags, and like…will it have negative impaction to my account then?
sorry for my bad grammar

The worst thing that I remember is that you won’t be able to get a Regular status in the next month or so, check F.A.Q topic, it has something about that. Other than that, not really. I don’t remember the cases of the system silencing or suspending people automatically.


Normal so he doesn’t have headaches when trying to work on his long timed game. Other than caring about a single flag or a meaningless argument happening.

Maybe unless if he finds out many people complaining about a user’s action. Then he will do something.


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