Map Coordinates


I am not sure if I am the only one but what about a coordinate system where let say one finds a planet or wormhole and want to know where to locate it after exploring this system.This was be a sort of ease of life implementation.

Note: This idea could be implimented in a later build like when the squadrant feature is initiated.

Edit: Here an example.

You found a wormhole and it is located at X:__ ,Y: ___. The X and Y coordinate would be noted on a piece of paper and maybe in the future there would exist a menu where all saved coordinates can be accessed.


It would also be a good way for players to find each other so that they could do missions together, if IA decides to add multiplayer of course.


There will be multiplayer in full version.


Did they confirm it? Where (link)?


why someone would make a game you can see your friends but you cant play with them.


I don’t know, but I remember that they didn’t have it planned to make



Hmm… we’re open to the possibility of re-introducing some form of in-mission multiplayer. But it’s not straightforward and definitely not something that we can address within the first year of release :frowning:

So they can add it later, WAY later. After this there will be thousand of discussions.