Making game smaller for phones

What about make other game modes than default is downloadable, so small phones can download the game. And if players want to play a game mode other than default, they can download an addon can downloadable from ingame and play it.

EDIT:After some thinking I decided I didnt explained it well. These addons will be free. But if you want to play the retro world or something like that, you will need to download a free addon. If you was in game in some other computer and after logging in from phone and if retro mission isnt downloaded there will a menu appear asks you to download and if you regret that, there will be another vehicle appear and bring you to nearest planet that have missions for you can play. It wont be only available for retro mission types. That can also used for squawk missions and/or other types of missions and maybe an hd version can downloadable from menu, so there wont need to have 2 games instead of 1 on play store.