Make the VF-76 resistant to singularity

Looking at how resistant the VF-76 is, it’s really sad that it can’t resist the wormhole’s corruption to the time and wave statistics…

So! It’d be really great if VF-76 (or any other VF model) would resist the singularity and actually show the time and wave number in retro invasion missions.

Probably a very minor idea but it’s pretty interesting to see in reality.


I doubt the VF-76 will withstand the overload, as it is only intended to protect it from fire or ice, not from any anomaly, because currently any spaceship, regardless of design, would not be able to read everything that is going on around it (mainly because there is no connectivity range there).
Also, not that it’s anything, it’s just stats, so you’ll see them after a successful mission.

add vf-86 for that, it will be even more useless than vf-76 is now

VF-76 is resistant to more than just ice and fire, it’s also to massive, cold, electric and dark.
It’s already so high-tech to resist to all these…

just know i didn’t feel like listing all the immune meds this machine is taking (just saying)

Oh~ In that case…

Singularity are end points of black holes. Not wormholes. We are in retro world where communication and battlefield interface seems corrupted.

Anyway VF family lack some special abilities. So I am biased with this idea for now.

Lost space and time! Is not idea to show the wave and time.

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like, vf-86 will have lower flexibility and weaker in firepower limit?

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Yeah thats the premise. Would you like to run a mission with 7 firepower capped for singularity resistance

How expensive can Vf-86 be? Vf-76 is the most expensive spacecrafts at present.

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Isn’t the singularity environment replacing the time and wave counters with question marks? I don’t think the VF-76 should be resistant to it. You can wait for the wave counter to pop up whenever a new wave starts, and buy a Wave Insight.

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