Major updates that CIU needs

Hello! do you think CIU should have some major updates

yes, it may some major update since it still Early Access

I dunno it’s had like a hundred of them


You know what they say! The more, the merrier.

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For one, some NPC’s on the galactic map is needed so that tge galaxy doesn’t feel so empty, we could have Henperial troops, bosses and even ships target regional stores or UHF shipyards so that the Henpire is actually causing some harm to the UHF, instead of us seeking chickens to destroy in some planets and stars.

Secondly would be quests or challenges that take a long time to complete but provide great reward. They could be about bringing stuff from place to place where the player can get intercepted by Henperial forces, defending certain planets, etc.

There are other major additions that would really help CIU be more exciting to play, but those two are what I really wish to see in the near future.

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mmm i think when CIU is out of early access (and into the full release), there would be a lot, and I mean a lot of stuff in the galactic store

There will be ??? versions left before is Officially Full Version


i might need to go to the carribeans and become a :pirate_flag:


sure version more than 200 / OR MORE😐

pirate to play CIU

may it needs only 1 update and that is THE FINAL VERSION

boss update

nah need some new idea to make game unique

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