M404 is kinda lame now

Just 3 satellites? NAH ATLEAST BE FOUR I paid 3.5K keys for it :frowning:


then at least try M408 tho


Or try the BX-9 with 5 satellites.

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where will i get 6k keys from?

I’m lazy

isn’t it slow?

VF-76 with 6 satellites

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the balancing change spaceships underwent was not for you to complain about it

They have the right to criticize the game. Especially when the proposed changes for Mullers were giving 2 more satellite slots for Muller 408, not removing one from Muller 404.


Complaining about the state of the game is fine on its own, but “I paid xxxx keys for Thing™ and you nerfed it” is not a valid complaint. The game is in early access, and it tells you that changes may be made every time you enter it.

The proposed change to M408’s satellite count was simply the least complicated way we had of making it not outright worse than the M404-PI, with no regard for anything else. It became outdated as soon as the VF family was teased, since the addition of a new fighter family would obviously have an effect on the balance of spacecraft in general, depending on what it was made to do.

Naturally, we still don’t know if VFs will keep their current stats and mechanics or not (who knows, maybe they’ll get more powerful dual weapons but no satellites?). Depending on what happens to them, changes to other ships might be necessary as well. I, for one, am satisfied with the current state of affairs (environmental resistance may not be the most interesting mechanic, but I’m happy with how the VFs turned out stat-wise).


Yeah true.
Tbh I just wanted to point out that the argument in the reply above isn’t really a good one, but then I myself didn’t disprove it properly, so sorry about that.


Do you think more Satellite would helpful for you ?? Tell me why if you say yes


yes because satellites can save your live in many waves


Its helpful, but use it properly, you don’t want to instantly fire a satellite once you’ve docked it to your ship. Its better to use it in a hard wave situation


I often not use Satellite in any situation (include hard wave). Retro mission is the only mission that i use ICBM to speedrun. Ohh and Space Race too, satellite just helpful for me in Space Race and Retro mission

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Power limit

I know your pain but… Hey, balancing…

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