Low performance

Can you customize the quality for weak devices like mine and make the game better and faster?
I want this. I play at 35 or 30 or sometimes 40 frames. I want to play at 60 frames. Please, my screen supports 85 frames, please.
Thank you for your game

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it was suggested my @VerMishelb and got implemented and it’s still in the game, iirc you have to press D button to lower the quality of the game.

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Put everything on low, lower your resolution as well, disable v-sync.
If your frames don’t improve, then sorry to say but you need a new computer. The game already runs on many potatoes. You just need a better one.

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I know that my device is similar to the performance of potatoes, but I do not have money to buy another computer. I want to increase the frame rates on weak devices.

And I tried what you told me but to no avail but I want to play at 60 FPS

Work, get some money, buy a better Desktop or Laptop. I don’t know what else.


I will complete this canceled or I have the money to buy what I want

That was a debug key. Currently it’s optimised by default whenever you select low detailed mode. Also it applied only to main menu galaxy spiral.


I basically play on low details

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