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I was wondering recently with what bosses I have the most problems (except Mysterious Eggship of course). And I came to conclusion that if I want to figure it out I would need to write down all lives that I lost and then I would find what is most difficult to me. But playing the game and writing down every life you lost is kind of weird. Like, it’s not an ARG, you don’t need to write notes, you don’t solve any puzzles. And this is how this idea was born. On your profile in CIU there will be a special section “lost lives” where you can see miniatures of all bosses/enemies/objects (objects like asteroids, barriers, not exactly eggs, because they count to enemies) and below them or next to them (however it would look best in the game) is a number of lives that they took from you. Here’s a super basic example of how it could look. (super basic because it doesn’t have CIU background and it’s only boss enemies)

Of course it would have options to sort the list by deathcounts - from smallest to biggest or the other way.

Also, this one is personal, but I also think it would be great to have a global lost lives board where you can see a total count of deaths of all recruits. This way we could have a great way to know which stuff gives most problems.

That’s all. (stats presented on image above may or may not be honest)


That would be really useful as an Early Access thing. Probably incorporate that into Chickopedia on release.

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The problem witch chickopedia would be that you would need to click on every enemy to see the stats. Here it is visible all the time and you can easily see it without clicking 40+ times.

EDIT: Plus, is it good to have asteroids/barriers/comets in chickopedia?

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371 Misterious ship deaths… can relate

I think this should made somehow in-game with a sort of K/D rateo

Yes… why not?

Celeritas Comet “Little (and big) rocky chunks that follow the trail of the almighty Henlley’s comet. The fastest celestial bodies in the entire galaxy. These things can travel as fast as the light!”

Asteroid “Just a barren rock in space that travels at dangerous speed. Too short of a description? What did you expected? A poem?”

Barrier “Ah Barriers… A classic of defensive strategy, equipped with some Hi-Tech durability display. They come in different packages, perfect for every needs! Too bad chickens stole all of them from us”

Unbreakable barrier “Well… we are lucky that chickens are too stupid to make bosses out of these. Not even a fully charged Absolver Beam blast can scrach these barriers! No one knows how”

Hmm, kills would also be a good thing. I agree with that. But maybe let’s not make a fusion out of K&D so you can still sort by Deaths/Kills.

CHICK-opedia. CHICK. You know, as in, chickens. Not celestial bodies or structures. Name of that is my only concern, I agree that they need to be in whatever bestiary thing will get added, but they don’t match to the present name.

Something like this?

Sincerally I don’t care.
The name is fitting with the name and sounds good
Altrough I understand your concerns


Yeah, that would be good in Chickopedia (with all of the other info, like HP, damage, attacks etc.), but you can’t see it without clicking on the entity you want to check. I mean, you could sort by that even if it’s not visible, but then you need to check them all manually.

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hyped to see my practice deaths on cannonade :slight_smile:

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Would be cool, but I think if it ever gets added it will need to start counting from scratch, because right now it doesn’t track your deaths.

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Why not rebrand it as a volume of the Hero’s Compedium? That way there won’t be a naming issue.

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