Lost inbound issue

i cannot login with my account and says LOST INBOUND CONNECTION or DUCPLICATE LOGIN ,LOGGING YOU OUT PLEASE LET IA FIX THIS!?!!??!!??!

Some sort of connection problem eh

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There are 2 problems that I can guess
1: Connection problem. Make sure that your connection is stable enough to not get disconnected during playing session.
2: If you have an Android phone, make sure that it’s not logging in to your account, or it’ll scream: Duplicate login.

Lost Inbound Connection errors can caused by one of the followings:

  • You lost internet mid-mission or while idling
  • Your internet connection is unstable/congested

Duplicate Login errors can be caused by one of the followings:

  • You’re logged in an another device
  • Someone else is your using your account

If your account is being used by an another user (without your permission) then immediately report iA for account comprised

change the email i guess? wont that work

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