Lost Explorer Chickenaut

Type: Boss

Wave Name: The Lost Adventure

Health: 40000 + (%Difficulty)

Appearance: It’s a big Chickenaut that has an improved spacesuit with electric tube-like energy powering the spacesuit in the torso, it’s now also have a futurlistic space helmet that have a target crosshair installed as well as well. They also carrying a radio-like backpack with 2 signal router with one short and one tall that constantly “beeping”. It’s now have white neon lines on it’s waist, wings and as well their legs.

Intro Spawning: The Battlefield will be zoomed out 150% while the Lost Explorer Chickenaut spawning like most other boss, coming from the top.

Music: The Danger Within (It’s how I called the Boss theme 1 in CIU)

It’s only have 1 attacks which is Laser Beam
Laser Beam: The Lost Explorer Chickenaut will summon 3 dot lines in a peace-shaped like symbol without the bottom line before releasing it’s lasers, spining clockwise then after 3 seconds clockwise, it’s stop for 1 second before going counterclockwise then stops. It’s repeat it’s cycle again after 5 seconds.

For every 20% of it’s health chips away, it’s armor will break and space helmet will cracking up, this will make the boss drop a random gift down for you. However, the chicken will call 5/7/9/12 chickenauts depends on how much precentage of it HP has left to lock you into a deadly situration. The radio will “sent” transmission before Chickenaut will come in from the left, top and the right side. In addition, each 20% health chip away add another beam to the Laser Beam attack, which maximize at 7 lasers when 80% of it’s health has depleted away. The laser will spin slower when a new beam is added so players will have room to avoid getting killed. For the Chickenauts, they will be spaced out from the boss so that you can kill them without risking to go through the Boss head.

Drops: 25 foods, 1 firepower.
The Chickenauts do count toward to the boss health so you have to kill them to complete the boss battle.

Why do you make so many ideas? And all of them barely grab any attention.

Good approach is to limit yourself for at least 7 days before new ideas. Gives you time to rethink some things.
Also, try to include some concept arts. Any image at all. No one likes text walls. You have to attract people.
Making a poll is also good since forum users don’t give likes that much as before. Poll engagements are much much higher and you can immediately see how much the idea is liked (just give 3-4 options - yes, yes but, neutral, no)


Also make a TL:DR section.



For the image. I require an image tool you guys using to describe it. Because hell know what to do in that situration. And keep crying, it’s doesn’t gonna stop me from nothing. Because I just like to see this game becoming the greatest thing existed.

Well, you could still make IRL drawings to represent your ideas. It gives a boost to your ideas and makes those clearer, you know?

Fix your attitude. Bad attitude can collapse your reputation.

Even the greatest game requires the greatest ideas. Therefore, IA won’t apply literally every single idea that was posted in the forums. He only chooses intriguing, logical, well-described ideas.


IRL image? Hmm… maybe paint.net kinda good I suppose? Because that’s how people use it tho?

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And second, this is not the only time I am having bad attitude. I’ve been like this for 3 previous forums. I wanted to keep people out so that I feel better when alone, doing my crazy creation until one day they will see me with a different face.

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It’s just hard to visualize is all.
Regardless, quality over quantity applies, but I’ve been away from here for some time so Idk what you posted

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Man, you’re always acting like you’re some ‘god above all’ meant to give ideas to IA and force them to implement them. As others pointed out, good ideas take time, and even those have many issues the poster might have not thought about. One idea constructed in one hour is better than 10 taped together in 5 minutes each.

It’s not to say your ideas are not good, or atleast interesting. They have merit, but they have no thought behind them. Take this one for example: The boss has only one attack, and no relation to the actual boss whatsoever. They’re an astronaut: why not have them attack you with lasers like the UCO, or maybe throw meteors or something? The peace sign laser you’ve given isn’t related.

For another example, your always-on concepts are also pretty original, which I like. I actually like the key paycheck idea, but the other two are weird and unbalanced. Paying for a coupon doesn’t make a lot of sense, and boss rush levels already give a bunch of keys. And from your description, 5 extra keys really don’t seem like much when you could replay the level and get thrice more.

It’s stuff like this that make your ideas insignificant. It really makes me feel like your thought process is “must make new thing” and that’s it. You don’t put effort in your posts. No poll, no visual representation, so how should we, as players know if your idea is worthy of adding in?

But then again, my post will not stop you from giving half-thought ideas, so I should keep crying about it :slight_smile:


“i am an asshole and i will not stop”


Just… put all your ideas in a document and select your favorites to post.

But with your poorly made and innovated ideas. Don’t expect any of your suggestions to make even a tiny change in this game. People around you takes their time. Use their stuff. And prepare to publish their ideas.

Sir. We are not against you making ideas. But we are against that constant slapping of any idea just to get any of them into the game. You are like those medal farmers and probably worse. Please you have the whole time in the world to think and innovate.

You have several photo editor programs to use. If you wanna have a clear image of a UI in the game. Just use a background remover.


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